Costume Designer Arianne Phillips Worked on Enfants Riches Déprimés

Courtney Love was pleased in the front row of the fall Enfants Riches Déprimés show in Paris. And it wasn’t just because she enjoyed the work of designer and artist Henri Levy, who sent out a fall collection heavy on suiting and shirting — button-down shirts in particular.
She’d been the one to introduce Levy to award-winning costume designer Arianne Phillips, who is nominated for an Oscar for her work on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” “I wanted Ari to see in Henri what I do. And I think she did! A wonderful spirit, who needs some mothering and occasionally telling off — but primarily a stone-cold genius and someone I’m immensely fond of,” the singer and actress said.
After being introduced at an art show, the pair connected over Levy’s universe. “I had worked with stylists before but I didn’t really understand. They’d come in toward the end and I’d hover over them. Working with Arianne Phillips was amazing. She came in and we really just hacked away at the aesthetic until it was just right, filtering anything that didn’t seem right,” he said.
After their first meeting, the pair got together regularly to refine the story of the collection. “I

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